Frequently Asked Questions

Question. Do you guarantee that I will meet my deadlines?

Anwser. Definitely! Our writing staff brings their vast experience into play when a student asks them to prepare a dissertation. They complete their research and prepare the dissertation answer quickly and that is why we are known to produce timely and effective results.

Question.How much do you charge for a dissertation?

Anwser. We charge as low as $12.95 per paper.

Question. Will the paper I receive be exclusive and original?

Anwser. Yes! Our writers make sure that each and every dissertation or any other paper we prepare should be exclusive and original. All papers at Dissertation Doctoral are prepared after extensive research. We are sure that you will not find this paper anywhere else either on the net or with any of your friends.

Question. In which format do you prepare a dissertation?

Anwser. We prepare dissertations in all three major formats for the convenience of our customers and you can purchase the dissertations in APA, MLA and Chicago format.

Question. How will I receive the dissertations?

Anwser. You will receive the ordered paper through email in MS Word format.

Question. How will I pay you after placing an order?

Anwser. You can pay us through credit card. Your information and credit card number would be safe with us as we use SSL(secure servers) to process all transactions.

Question. Your prices are reasonable enough; however, I can't afford to pay for my dissertation in one go. Can you accommodate my needs?

Anwser. If you are unable to pay the complete amount in one go, you can place your order for an initial amount of $99 only. The remaining amount can be paid in two small and easy installments through our Flexible Payment Plan with no extra charges. You can use this payment option if your order total is at least $300.
Through the flexible payment plan, you get a chance to view the initial research, a few pages from your custom written paper, and the outline of your paper by just paying an initial amount of $99 only. If you find the paper according to your requirements and specifications, you can pay the rest of the installments and have the complete paper delivered to you.

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Question. Is there an alternative way to pay?

Anwser. Although we always prefer you to pay through your credit card, we do provide an alternative payment method of paying through Western Union Money Transfer. However, please keep in mind that paying through Western Union might cause a slight delay in your order completion due to the payment and verification process. In order to get more information about this procedure, kindly fill out the order form for alternative payment method available at our site.

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